Zac Schneidt

Why did you choose the O’Neill Online MPA program?

I wanted a program that had a strong network, so O’Neill Online seemed like a great fit. I’m from Indiana, and I plan on moving back to Indiana when I retire in a few years, so building that network is important to me.

It was also a great fit because O’Neill Online offered me credit for the experience and degrees I had previously earned, which allows me to earn my degree faster while still working.

The courses are also incredibly helpful. Not only am I going to school, but I’m also learning useful skills for my current job as the policy chief for NATO. The policy and legal courses in the O’Neill Online program help me navigate new projects and challenges I face in my career. 

How has the flexibility of the online program helped you to balance all of your responsibilities?

It’s been very flexible for me because I can work at my own pace. I work anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day, and I still have plenty of time to get the work done because I’m only taking one class per semester. So the flexibility is great for working professionals!