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The Moral Foundations of Public Funding for the Arts

Michael Rushton, July 2023, ISBN: 9783031351051

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The Strategic Management of Place at Work: Why, What, How and Where

David B. Audretsch, Alice Civera, Erik E. Lehmann, Konstantin P. Leidinger, Jonah M. Otto, Laurenz Weiße, Katharine Wirsching (Eds.), June 2023, ISBN: 9783031294624

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Benefit-Cost Analysis of Air Pollution, Energy, and Climate Regulations

Kerry Krutilla, John D. Graham, February 2023, ISBN: 9781009189453

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Faculty books through the years

  • Public Sector Innovation, David Audretsch, Mehmet Akif Demircioglu, Cambridge University Press, 2024, ISBN: 9781009279246

O’Neill faculty editors of academic journals


David Audretsch

Distinguished Professor; Ameritech Chair of Economic Development

Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Economics

Jennifer Brass

Associate Professor

Managing editor, The Journal of Development Studies


Craig Johnson

Associate Professor

Co-editor of Public Budgeting & Finance


David Konisky

Lynton K. Caldwell Professor

Editor-in-chief of Environmental Politics


Justin Ross


Co-editor of Public Budgeting & Finance


Kosali Simon

Distinguished Professor; Herman B Wells Endowed Professor; Paul O’Neill Chair; Associate Vice Provost for Health Sciences

Co-editor of Journal of Health Economics