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Time to Launch

Welcome students!

We’re here to help you get the most out of your education and prepare for success at O’Neill—and beyond.

Find out what it means to be a student at O’Neill and the array of opportunities available to you through our online and in-person Launch series.

Take these steps to start your O’Neill journey

Take the Launch Survey

We'll help connect you with programs and opportunities to shape your upcoming year and achieve your goals through this survey information.

Take the survey

Complete the Online Orientation

During your Online Orientation, we’ll outline our academic expectations for you and the resources we provide to help you succeed.

Complete orientation

Attend the Kickoff

Learn about the core values that shape our student community—and ways you can put those values into practice during your academic career. Current students will also share ways to make your time at O’Neill more meaningful.


Then, take the Values in Action Challenge!

After you’ve completed the Online Orientation, the Launch Survey, and attended the Kickoff—put what you’ve learned into practice! For our core values, below, we challenge you to complete five related actions to learn more about the O’Neill community—and yourself. 

Our core values and challenge actions

As an O’Neill student, you’ll have opportunities to prepare to become a leader for the greater good.  Achieving this goal requires a commitment to our core values of:  

Challenging ourselves academically to become continuous learners, so that we can develop adaptable skills and sound judgement.

Learning challenge actions:

Recognizing that diversity is a strength, respecting the dignity of everyone we encounter, and expanding our socio-cultural awareness.

Diversity challenge actions:

Understanding the work that we do in our career and in service to our community adds purpose and meeting to our lives.

Meaning challenge actions:

Developing professional skills that enable us to improve the world through our work.

Excellence challenge actions:

Prioritizing health, wellbeing, and safety for ourselves and others.

Wellbeing challenge actions:



Challenge completed?

Check in with us in SPEA 260 to receive your O’Neill gift!

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