Gain the skills you need to become an influential arts leader

Future arts administrators will be facing the art world’s greatest challenges. Our Master of Arts in Arts Administration (MAAA) curriculum will provide you with the foundational skills, core knowledge, and practical expertise you need to become an effective arts advocate and leader of change.

Complete your master’s degree in only three semesters

Our MAAA curriculum is designed so that you can complete all course work in three to four semesters, plus a 280-hour internship and three 50-hour practicum projects. The curriculum requires a total of 45 credits for graduation. Of these, 18 credits are earned through core courses, 15 credits through management and policy areas, 12 credits through elective courses, and includes the 0-credit internship and practicum experiential learning requirements. All students enter the program in the fall semester.

How to apply

Tailor your degree to your interests and career goals with elective courses

As part of the Master of Arts in Arts Administration program, you will complete 12 hours of elective credit. Elective courses must be graduate level (500+) and can be taken through any academic program on campus. With electives in non-profit management, art history, theatre, and more, you are sure to find the perfect course to meet your interests and career goals. You can even turn your electives into a second degree—take MPA courses as elective credits and begin working toward your MPA-MAAA degree!

Get out of the classroom

Apply your knowledge in real-world arts organizations and build your resume through practicum projects and internships as part of your experiential requirement. Our students gain career experience across the globe, in diverse arts-related institutions, organizations, and events.

Discover practicum and internship opportunities