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In each major, you’ll be able to learn from some of the country’s top researchers and experienced professionals who remain active in their fields.

Learn about law and public policy from practicing attorneys. Arts management with internationally recognized jazz musicians. Environmental science alongside research scientists in the field. Or, healthcare management and policy with hospital CEOs.

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Discover What Makes O’Neill Special




I chose O'Neill because I've always been

really passionate about advocacy and


helping leave the planet a little

bit better than I found it.


I chose to come to IU because I knew

I wanted that big ten school feel,


but O'Neill cuts it down into small classroom sizes

a small community of about two thousand students


and I think that's something I'm really appreciative of.


I think that there's a sense of

community within O'Neill.


The community is just so open.


I just had this overwhelming feeling of home

and I knew that this was where I was meant to be.


It is great that in every single class I meet

so many people from so many different places.


O'Neill is really special because of the people

here. Everybody has a lot of passion.


You go to all of your classes

and you're sitting next to these people


that are just so passionate about different things

and they just kind of push you to be a better person.


No matter what students are studying here at O'Neill,

you can just tell that they all want to make a difference.


I really saw that O'Neill focused

on that interdisciplinary


of working with people that are in the private

sector, the public sector, and the nonprofit.


It's a very diverse environment, since

it has so many different majors.


They have majors that are truly

focused on helping people.


What makes O'Neill special is the support

that they give to their students.


All the professors that I've gotten to

work with have been so influential.


They go above and beyond to provide the

students with the resources they need.


They are all so helpful and they want you to have

the best opportunities and experience that you can have.


I've had many different staff members who

I could just come to if I need help.


Everyone here wants you to succeed and

they're going to figure out how you want to lead


and find a specific program or a different mix of

organizations and opportunities for you to get involved in.


O'Neill had everything that I wanted,


like study abroad, doing a full-time internship in DC for a semester,


and the Civic Leaders Center.


Not only do students here want to change

the world and make a difference,


but the school actually teaches you how to

do that in a practical way.


After being in O’Neill I've discovered new

passions and I'm thankful for that.

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Get a head start on a meaningful career with your O’Neill degree, with the versatility to change career paths to adapt to your changing interests, and the changing economy.

Our students go on to careers in public service, the business world, and nonprofit management—often seamlessly transitioning among all three.

You’ll find O’Neill alumni working for the federal government, national performing arts companies, international aid organizations, and for major management and consulting firms. And, our more than 37,000 alumni stay involved, mentoring our current generation—you.

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