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Earn a master's degree to lead for the greater good

Begin with the end in mind.

What are your career goals? What issues do you want to impact? What’s your life’s passion? The O’Neill School’s interdisciplinary master’s degrees give you the opportunity to tailor your program to your multidimensional career goals. Our team is here to guide you and put together a unique plan of study.


98%of reporting 2021-22 MPA residential masters students go into employment or continuing education upon receiving their degree

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Over 60% of O’Neill master’s students receive funding.

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Find your fit in a supportive, inclusive community

No matter where you’re from or what challenges you’re facing, you’ll find a path that’s right for you at the O’Neill School. Watch this inspiring video about how Luis-Enrique Becerra-Garcia, MPA’23 turned his dream into a reality by pursuing his master’s degree at O’Neill.

Description of the video:

I was a teacher for 14 years in middle school. Then I occupied several positions in Mexican government, three of them were director positions. When I was working in Mexico City, I met an O'Neill professor who invited me to come visit and start a research project. The first time that I set my foot in the O'Neill School I truly felt the call. At that moment, I decided that I that I wanted to come and study here. But my daughter was still in high school, so it wasn't feasible at the moment. I needed to take small steps and start to build my path to get here. It took almost six years before it was feasible to move my life from Mexico City to Bloomington. But I eventually made it and I got my master's degree in public affairs just a month shy of my 50th birthday. When I first got here, I was a bit scared about sitting in the classroom with people that was my daughter's age. But to my surprise they took me in as one of their own. The school makes an active effort to integrate us as international students. The professors come from very different backgrounds. I had a Chinese professor. I had a Ukrainian professor, a Russian professor, Latin American professors. And when they come from such diverse backgrounds, they bring in a wider vision of the world. Everyone in O'Neill is committed to your success. It is an inclusive community. It is an embracing community. The O'Neill School makes you fearless. You are not afraid of saying "I will do it!" and taking the responsibility and actually leading other people to achieve the goals, The motto of the school is probably one of the most appealing things. Lead for the greater good means that there is always a better way, a better path to do stuff. Come here and come with confidence because you are not coming empty-handed here. You are bringing your experience. You are bringing all the things that you have learned before and you are helping to build a richer learning environment.


Medina Sydykanova, MSHM’23

Project Manager, Regenstrief Institute

“The MSHM program has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare management, policy, and business and has shaped me into the leader I am today. I feel confident and fully prepared to embark on my next chapter as a healthcare leader.” 


Jacob Alder, MPA’23

Strategy Consultant, Deloitte

“O’Neill is what differentiated me and helped me get a job in the federal government. I feel a sense of awe when I look at the ways that people have invested in me as a person in the O’Neill community.”   


Michael Jefferson, MPA-MSES’21

Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs at MISO

“The unique value of O’Neill is the fact that there’s no one box that you’re put into. Any idea, any thread, any desire that you have to pursue academically, you can pursue here.” 

Federal Academic Alliance Partner

Whether you’re a government employee, spouse, or dependent, we offer transformative opportunities through our partnership with the Federal Academic Alliance to propel your career forward.

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