Additional Dual Degrees

Add another degree to your MPA or MSES for a combination that matches your passions

They say to follow your passion, but what if you have more than one? At O’Neill, we don’t set limits on your learning potential. Make the most of your graduate school experience with our outside dual degree programs and pursue two interests by combining your Masters in Public Affairs (MPA) or Master of Science in Environmental Science (MSES) with a second professional degree or area of study.

Combining your O’Neill degree with another IU graduate degree is a great way to not just pursue your passions, but to professionalize them—your possible combinations are as varied as your interests. We’re well-known for our interdisciplinary approach and that eclectic, collaborative spirit is evident in our innovative dual degree programs offered in partnership with other Indiana University schools and departments. You can also pursue an MPA-MSES dual degree or MPA-MAAA dual degree within O’Neill.

How to apply

To apply for an outside dual degree program, you must submit applications to each school or department separately. We are happy to accept supplemental application materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, resumes, etc.) from other IU departments at your request.