Strategic Goals and Progress

Shaping the future of the O’Neill School

With the help of the Strategic Planning Committee, faculty, staff, and the IU community five areas of focus were identified for the O’Neill School’s success through 2027: (1) community; (2) diversity, equity, and inclusion; (3) education; (4) investment; and (5) research.

These areas of focus define the distinctive ways in which we pursue education, research, and service, as well as the resources needed to move forward these goals. The goals are interconnected—each contributing to, and depending on, the others. 

We are excited to share our progress with you as we move forward—and remember, the strategic plan implementation takes the entire ONeill community.

Strategic plan implementation

The strategic plan—Stewarding Social Betterment and Environmental Sustainability—has big goals, but each smaller task that we complete is just as important as we move forward to shape the future of O’Neill for 2027. 


Strategic goal: Pursue strategic investment to support our vision  

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Strategic goal: Catalyze research that drives solutions to the world’s most pressing societal and environmental problems  

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Frequently asked questions

The pillars of the IU Strategic Plan 2030 include:

  • Student success and opportunity
  • Transformative research and creativity
  • Service to our state and beyond

The O’Neill School’s Strategic Plan fits well within IU’s strategic goals.

The strategic plan and our corresponding goals are fluid—if there are unforeseen external or internal forces that significantly change the landscape in which we operate, we will revisit and adjust our approach or goals.

We know that the next five years will be a period of creativity, implementation, and refinement as we continue to strengthen our services and support for students, faculty, staff, and our IU and external partnerships.