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Develop your leadership skills and learn how to make public service part of your future career. Through the NextGen Leadership Program, you can earn a $500 scholarship and join a network of future leaders from universities across the U.S.

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NextGen aims to inspire undergraduate students from all majors to work toward solving big public challenges facing our society. Become a leader in your community – and become part of the solution.

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[title] NextGen Leadership Program at Indiana University

[Senator Bill Bradley] 50 years ago, government got its share of America’s brightest minds, and they improved our country. Today, not enough of our bright young minds are going into government, preferring instead places like Silicon Valley or Wall Street. Our country needs those young minds. We're facing unprecedented challenges and time is running out to solve our most urgent problems. That's why the Volcker Alliance launched the Next Generation Service Corps. It's a bold initiative that empowers a diverse generation of young people to commit to public service.

[Professor Tom Guevara] Public service can be part of any career. Whether you're interested in technology, business, or science there are many ways for you to make a positive contribution to your community and add meaning to your career through service.

[Dean Sian Mooney] We're offering Indiana University students an opportunity to develop leadership skills now as their careers are still forming. We want students to explore public service not just as a theoretical good or something to aspire to, but as something you can build and practice into your career right from the start.

[O'Neill student Steve Bessasparis] As part of the NextGen leadership program you have opportunities to network with leaders from government, business, and the non-profit world and you'll join a community of future leaders both here at IU and from universities across the U.S. through the NextGen Service Corps.

[Senator Bill Bradley] It unleashes the energy of America’s youth to strengthen our democracy and to renew a national culture of service which is America at its best. [Dean Sian Mooney] To learn more about NextGen Leadership Program at IU, visit