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At the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, you’ll get more than a great education—you’ll get a great college experience. You’ll have access to programs outside of the classroom and out in the world that will help you develop your leadership skills and launch your career. You’ll be part of a spirited community of O’Neill students in a culture with the incredible opportunities—and fun—of being on a Big Ten campus. But at the same time, you’ll be able to find the support, inclusion, and engagement you need. And, you’ll be at one of the best college towns in the nation—Bloomington, Indiana—famed for its food, art, music, bicycling and outdoor adventure in an area of scenic beauty.

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Students talk about inclusion and acceptance at O'Neill

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I think what makes O'Neill special is because they really focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as they provide us with the support to be able to be here, especially as low-income students.


When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, I think that our cohort truly embodies that.

Yes, there are people that are from the state of Indiana, but there's tons of people that are from across the United States as well as the world.


I think O'Neill is a place where people can come and share their life experiences and learn from each other.


O'Neill does a great job of making a space that's open for everyone to speak their mind, and in a classroom setting, I've especially been able to notice that.


When I think of diversity, equity, inclusion, I think about making space for all people and ensuring that we are raising voices of our colleagues and peers.


It's been really beneficial for me, as someone with an arts background, to be sitting in classes with people who come from a background in environmental science, or public policy, or law. I think it's really great to get such a broad view of things.


One of the best parts about the program is hearing all those different opinions, and it's so critical to get that input from people that have led different lives than you have, and have had different experiences growing up.


And those perspectives are not only welcomed, but they're encouraged.




Opportunities for every interest at O’Neill

Whatever your academic or social interests, whatever your degree level—you’ll find options at the O’Neill School that match your goals.