Resilience and Wellbeing Initiative

Your wellness matters

Wellbeing is an O’Neill Value in Action. In partnership with the IU Health Center, O’Neill’s Resilience and Wellbeing Initiative provides four distinct opportunities for you to enhance your mental and emotional health and develop the skills required for the challenges of college life.

Courses and workshops

For Undergraduates

Stress Management and Wellbeing for Public Leaders

A one-credit, eight-week course meeting this on Tuesdays and Thursdays this fall from 3:15-4:05 p.m. in SPEA A203.

Resilience and Wellbeing for Public Leaders is a research-informed, psychoeducational resiliency course that integrates evidence-based key concepts taken from wellness coaching, cognitive behavioral approaches, and positive psychology to create a dynamic, experiential learning opportunity for personal growth and development. Students will support and learn from one another through structured peer-mentorship workgroups.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Set personal SMART goals based on the dimensions of wellness.
  2. Practice positive self-talk, rephrasing and reframing, to experience how this effects their personal stress experience.
  3. Identify at least three to five different sources of stress applying the socioecological model.
  4. Investigate at least three realistic coping strategies to be used when facing challenges in everyday life.
  5. Understand the interrelationship of the dimensions of wellness and the impact on their personal stress.
  6. Identify at least three supportive resources available to assist them in increasing their coping success.

For all students

An evidence-based, strengths-focused program

An asynchronous, self-directed, module-based resource created by the IU Health Center for the O’Neill School. As an O’Neill graduate or undergraduate student, you will automatically be enrolled.  

The modules will include videos and interactive materials on: 

  • Introduction to Stress and Resilience
  • Setting and Reaching SMART Goals
  • Self-talk and Reframing
  • Nutrition and Self Care
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Physical Activity as Stress Management
  • Assertiveness and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Managing Uncertainty

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Health and Wellness Coaching

In addition to access to our CAPS counselors, each O’Neill student can have up to three free, individualized coaching sessions with the Health and Wellness team.

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