Public Finance

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Public finance includes the theory and practice of fiscal administration including public budgeting, revenue administration, and financial management. Public finance takes into account the government, the roles that government plays in the economy, and how those roles affect resource allocations and coniders methods for improvement.

Our research examines three main themes:

  • How the government raises revenue through taxes and borrowing, and on how the government disburses those funds.
  • How the government plans, controls, and accounts for such activities through budgeting and accounting, as well as the design and administration of all of these functions.
  • The impact of public sector activities on the economic behavior of individuals, firms, nonprofit organizations, and markets, and on economic efficiency.

  • Public Revenue (V666)
  • Seminar in Public Budgeting (V668)
  • Research Seminar in Public Debt (V685)
  • Advanced Microeconomics for Public Policy (V710)

Public Finance & Economics

Explore goverment’s role in the economy and the impact of public sector activities on economic behavior.

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Featured faculty focused on public finance

Denvil R. Duncan
Associate Professor
(812) 855-7493

  • Public economics
  • Labor economics
  • Economic development

Bradley T. Heim
Executive Associate Dean
(812) 855-9783

  • Impact of income taxes on individual behavior
  • Impact of audits on tax compliance
  • Affordable Care Act and labor market outcomes
  • Causes of increasing income inequality

Craig Johnson
Associate Professor
(812) 855-0742

  • Capital markets and financial intermediation
  • Financial management, public budgeting, and finance
  • Financing e-government
  • Financing economic development
  • Environmental and infrastructure finance

Robert Kravchuk
(812) 856-7888

  • Public finance
  • Macro-budgeting
  • Public debt markets
  • U.S. Defense Department procurement management
  • Political economy of reform in formerly socialist countries

Justin Ross
(812) 856-7559

  • State and local public finance topics
  • Property taxes
  • Property assessment
  • Local income taxes
  • Zoning, local governance coordination, and tax amnesty programs