For Military Students

We’re committed to our military and veteran students

At the O’Neill School, we value the unique skills and experiences that student veterans bring to the online classroom. O’Neill Online is fully integrated into the Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, so graduates receive the same diploma whether they study online or on-campus. The high-quality, extremely flexible O’Neill Online MPA and graduate certificate programs are ideal preparation for your next leadership role in the military or for life after your military service.

These programs are designed to develop competencies for public work—complex problem solving in environments where leaders must use both hierarchical authority and lateral influence. Contact us to discuss how the program can meet your needs.

I truly believe that O’Neill offers one of the best programs available for military personnel who are looking for a competitive master’s degree to further their career in public service.

LT David Lebhar, U.S. Navy - O’Neill MPA '18
David Lebhar

Here’s how we show our support for our military and veteran students:

O’Neill Online will waive all application fees.

Request a fee waiver via email

The Military Service Recognition Award, which all admitted active duty and veteran students will receive, guarantees a reduction to in-state tuition rates provided the student is not eligible for or not selected to receive an award through the Yellow Ribbon Program. Yellow Ribbon is administered by IU's Center for Veteran and Military Students


O’Neill Online will award a minimum six credit Prior Professional Experience (PPE) reduction applied toward the online MPA for those with at least two years active duty or full-time guard/reserve service OR four years part-time guard/reserve service. Up to a 12-credit reduction is possible if the applicant can demonstrate significant managerial and leadership experience.  


Indiana University’s Center for Veteran and Military Students maintains a dedicated staff to provide personal support and assistance for military students and families. They are here to assist you with any student- or military-related concern. Indiana University also maintains flexible enrollment policies for military students.


Additional benefits for Command and Staff College

For all qualified current students and recent graduates of a Command and Staff College program, O’Neill Online will also:

  • Recognize 12 credit hours of transfer credit toward the Master of Public Affairs for course work completed as part of the Command and Staff College curriculum; OR
  • Recognize six credit hours of transfer credit toward the graduate level online Public Management Certificate.