Minors & Certificates

Add another dimension to your degree with an O’Neill minor or certificate

The O’Neill School of Public and Environment Affairs' wide variety of minors and certificates address environmental, health, policy, and management issues from a variety of perspectives, and may be an ideal complement to your major.

To apply

Check with your degree-granting unit at Indiana University to make sure you are eligible for the O’Neill minor (or minors!) you choose. Some degree-granting units at IU may allow only one or only certain O’Neill minors. 

Contact O’Neill Undergraduate Advising

Minor requirements

Each minor requires 15 hours of specified courses with a 2.000 grade point average. (Note: Some degree-granting units at IU may require a specific grade in minor courses. Check with your school for any specific rules.)

If you’re an O’Neill student, you may double count up to 6 credit hours of minor courses with any other O’Neill academic program. Each O’Neill minor must have at least 9 hours that do not count toward any other O’Neill academic program. If you’re a non-O’Neill student, you cannot double count courses between O’Neill minors or certificates.

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