For Doctoral Students

Add a minor in Arts Administration to your doctoral degree

Whether you want to understand how to apply empirical research methods in cultural affairs or build your management skills while pursuing a degree in the arts, a Doctoral Minor in Arts Administration can complement your studies.

The unique blend of arts and cultural policy courses and arts management courses will give you the opportunity to build a personalized curriculum offering the research tools and management skills needed to thrive in the arts and culture field.

As a doctoral student, you’ll take courses at the graduate level from O’Neill’s offerings in Arts Administration, chosen in consultation with Karen Gahl-Mills, the program director, to fit your career interests.

Two minor options

Option A

  •  For Ph.D. in Public Affairs Students
  • Three Arts Administration courses
  • Doctoral Seminar in Cultural Affairs
  • 12 credit hours

Option B

  • For Ph.D. Students at the Jacobs School
  • Four Arts Administration courses
  • 12 credit hours

Other IU Doctoral students

If you are enrolled in a doctoral program outside of the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs or Jacobs School of Music, consult with the Arts Administration program director to determine if you have a strong enough quantitative background to enroll in the doctoral seminar.

There is no comprehensive examination. For more information on pursuing a Doctoral Minor in Arts Administration, contact your doctoral program office.