Civic Leaders Center

Live—and learn to lead—with like-minded freshmen

Group shot of Civic Leaders students, all in red Civic Leaders Center IU t-shirts.

If you are an incoming freshman to Indiana University and are interested in leadership, public policy, and making the world a better place, consider living with your like-minded peers at the Civic Leaders Center. Launched in August 2013, the Civic Leaders Center is a living-learning center for students—of all majors—who are dedicated to leading for the greater good.

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Located in the Briscoe Residence Center in the northwest neighborhood of the Indiana University Bloomington campus, the Civic Leaders Center gives first-year students of all majors a running start on their education. We deliver experiences usually only afforded to upperclassmen: smaller classes, access to influential leaders and special guest speakers, career and leadership training, and trips to places like Washington, D.C. and Greece.

When you join the Civic Leaders Center, this Big Ten university feels more like a close-knit community. Students selected to participate in Civic Leaders live together, learn together, develop leadership skills necessary to make a difference together—and develop lasting relationships in the process.