Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy (BSHMP)

Reform healthcare from the inside out

Study the complex economic and political factors affecting an issue that is critical to all of us—our health. You’ll be taught by nationally known faculty as well as practitioners who understand the issues firsthand. Learn healthcare law from practicing attorneys, long-term care from the administrator of a 300-bed facility, and strategic planning from a hospital CEO. You’ll also have opportunties to explore global approaches to healthcare management by studying abroad in Berlin, London, or Augsburg. You’ll graduate with the leadership skills necessary to ensure people have access to the health services they need—and the analytical skills to reform healthcare from the inside out.

With this major, our grads have landed jobs as:

  • Healthcare Consultant, Cerner Corporation
  • Business Analyst, Claro Healthcare
  • Healthcare Business Analyst, Crowe LLP
  • Administer in Training (AIT), Miller’s Health Systems
  • Pharmacy and Sales Representative, Eli Lilly
  • Project Management Coordinator, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Operations Director, Governor of Indiana
  • Product Market Research, Cook Medical
Study Healthcare Management and Policy at O'Neill

Description of the video:

AUDIO: Light music.

IMAGE: The Indiana University logo and white text that reads “O’NEILL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS” is shown on a black screen.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: I chose the O'Neill School specifically because of the Healthcare Management and Policy program. I was very interested in healthcare and I have a passion for helping people.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: I started off pre-med, and then I looked to get into business. And then I realized O'Neill offered Healthcare Management and Policy, which was a mixture of both of them.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: I would describe Healthcare Management and Policy as very grounded in healthcare finance and the ins and outs of healthcare policy.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: I would describe it as the business side of healthcare. Not only, you know, being a hospital administrator, but working in insurance.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: My classes in O'Neill have helped me to prepare for my career by bringing in many different professionals that have different backgrounds and experiences in healthcare policy.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: And there's just so many things you could do with the major, whether, you know, it be working in insurance, in a hospital, you know, working in policy to facilitate things like increasing coverage just across the board in the United States.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: To me, leading for the greater good, especially in terms of healthcare and healthcare policy, is making sure that everybody has equal access to healthcare, and we improve the policy around healthcare.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: It's utilizing my abilities to see where I can make a difference in things that I'm passionate about. So what I want to do with my degree is, you know, facilitate change to just make healthcare more affordable and accessible.

AUDIO: Light music.

IMAGE: The Indiana University logo and white text that reads “O’NEILL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS” is shown on a black screen.


Alumni success stories

Headshot of Alyssa Randazzo

Alyssa Randazzo, BSHMP’17


“I started at IU with an interest in nursing, but quickly transitioned to studying the business side of healthcare and human resource management.”

Headshot of John Meier.

John Meier, BSHMP’16


“I love the work I do because we’re genuinely dedicated to finding solutions that allow people to live healthier and longer lives.”

Headshot of Caitlin Vendely

Caitlin Vendely, BSHMP’19


“I directly contribute to measurable health improvements in my community by implementing programs that address access to healthcare services, behavioral health, and healthcare for senior citizens.”

Expert faculty

“This degree combines two unique fields: business management and medicine. Many students choose to major in healthcare management and policy because they want to do a ‘human good’ as opposed to working for a consumer goods business.”

—Mark Norrell, Senior Lecturer