Apply your academic training during your O’Neill Capstone

Complex social or policy issues aren’t solved individually, they require shared solutions—and your MPA program will foster that process. As part of your studies, you’ll take a capstone course, typically in your final semester—it is the cumulative achievement of your MPA degree. You’ll team up with a group of student peers to tackle a multidisciplinary problem—often for a real-world client located in the U.S. or abroad.

Real and relevant research

Your student group will perform a semester-long, detailed analysis of a policy or management issue on an integrative project. 

Primed for professional success

In your Capstone course, you’ll demonstrate specialized expertise as part of a collaborative effort, and all Capstone projects culminate in a formal report and public presentation. In short, the Capstone constitutes unparalleled preparation for your future career.

Your organization can benefit from an O’Neill Capstone

Gain professional consultant quality work with a value of as much as $200,000. Contact Professor Laura Littlepage to submit a proposal.