About Us

Leading the Way to a Better World

Walk through the doors of the O’Neill School and you’ll feel it. There’s an energy here that you won’t find anywhere else. A certainty that what we’re doing has the power to create change. We’re committed to working together to make a better world.

What is the O'Neill School?

The O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs is a nationally ranked academic institution located on the campus of Indiana University and home to a Masters of Public Affairs program that’s ranked number one in the nation.

We bring together management skills, science, policy analysis, and the humanities. We focus on governing, managing, and leading. We prepare students to address the complex issues that face society todayissues one field of study alone can't solve.

And the world has noticed. We’ve been recognized many times over for our unique programs and outstanding faculty.

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O'Neill creates leaders for every sector of the economy

Our programs run the gamut from public policy to environmental management and from healthcare administration to arts administration.

Our graduates thrive in governmental agencies, private corporations, and nonprofit organizations—and often move seamlessly among all three.

The O'Neill School made me career ready

"O'Neill’s focus on equipping their students with a complete tool kit set me up for success after graduation. The ability to take classes in finance, accounting, computer processing, analysis, and public speaking, as well as specific topical classes, provided me with strong hard and soft skills."