Our Mission and Guiding Values

Our values

  • Diversity: Recognizing that diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints is a strength; respecting the dignity of all individuals; and expanding our cultural intelligence and awareness.
  • Excellence: Aiming to be the best in all that we do and developing the professional and personal capabilities necessary to improve the world through our work.
  • Meaning and impact: Pursuing careers and service that add purpose and meaning to our lives, encouraging others to do so, and improving quality of life for individuals and societies.
  • Ongoing learning: Continuously developing the skills, knowledge, experience, and sound judgment necessary for wise and informed decision-making.
  • Well-being: Emphasizing the well-being and safety of individuals and the health of our natural environment as essential for thriving communities and well-functioning, just societies.

Stewarding Social Betterment and Environmental Sustainability: Strategic Plan 2022-27

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