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David Audretsch: IU Distinguished Professor

Description of the video:

It's a great privilege to be at a top public affairs school like the O'Neill School at one of the world's great universities like Indiana University. What O'Neill's been able to do, I think it's becoming clear over time, is that we're a human face of policy - where it's not just about mathematical models and algorithms, it's consequential. And the fact is - you have to be able to link it up to real human beings. That's what we're able to do here. We know what solutions are. We know where the problem areas are. And there seem to be big gaps. Progress is made with small steps and in a way, one person at a time. And this is what we try to do here at O'Neill and it gives us a platform to connect with students lives. We try to enable young people to reach into themselves to develop their inner voices, find out who they are and therefore what do they want to contribute. When I was a student myself I kind of realized I love this part of life where people are discovering, experimenting, trying to find their path in life. The older you get, the more you realize it's a privilege to be part of that. The opportunity to change the world is always there.