Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Program overview

O’Neill’s Ph.D. in Environmental Science Program provides skills and training in the basic and applied sciences to solve contemporary environmental problems. You’ll research and learn how to communicate solutions to policy makers, natural resource managers, and the general public. Through our interdisciplinary program, you’ll benefit from collaborative research among scientists from various natural and social science disciplines.

As a student in our Ph.D. in Environmental Science Program, you’ll:

  • Acquire substantial knowledge in a primary environmental science concentration
  • Develop breadth in related environmental science fields
  • Become proficient in advanced research methods and develop expertise in a chosen dissertation topic
  • Develop expertise in a chosen research topic, composing a dissertation of original research with careful and thoughtful analysis and interpretation of the findings
Chris Craft, director, Ph.D. Program in Environmental Science, talks about rising salt water levels on PBS Newshour.

Description of the video:

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