MPA-MSES Dual Degree

Lead for the good of the planet with an MPA-MSES

Our signature dual degree program combines rigorous scientific training with one of the nation’s best masters programs in policy and management for a powerful and flexible combination of skills—positioning you at the crucial intersection of science, policy, and society.

Our MPA program is one of the top-ranked in the nation, and our environmental policy program is the nation’s highest-ranked program at any institution, public or private. You can earn both degrees in less time than it would take you to complete these degrees independently. Completion of this degree may make you eligible for STEM OPT extension.

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100%of reporting 2021-22 MSES and MPA-MSES masters students go into employment or continuing education upon receiving their degree

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The MPA-MSES Dual Degree Program


60credit hours

2.5years to complete

MPA-MSES Overview

Description of the video:

If you're passionate about changing the world. If you're passionate about solving climate change problems. You should definitely apply to O'Neill. I chose MPA-MSES, because I've always been interested in environmental governance. I want to work in public agencies in the future and actually create policies that shape the environment. I always knew I wanted to study environmental science, but I was really interested in how I could combine that science to make change through policy. The MPA-MSES dual program was the perfect way to do that. The O'Neill School was the first of its kind to combine the fields of public affairs and environmental science to create the Master of Science in Environmental Science and the Master of Public Affairs dual degree program. This degree now exists as the gold standard for students wanting to pursue a career in environmental science, policy or a combination of both. The O'Neill MPA-MSES program is unique in having both the science expertise and the policy expertise under a single roof, so that students aren't developing two separate kinds of expertise, they're building a synthesis and an integration of these things that matches the way that they will meet problems in the real world. O'Neill has afforded me a number of hard and soft skills. I've learned how to take large data sets, as well as interdisciplinary research, and synthesize it - which allows me to look at hard science and extract both meaningfulness and uncertainties and communicate those to policy makers. The standard experiential requirement in the curriculum is the capstone class. You will have an opportunity to get practical experience and you'll be able to engage with a real client on environmental issues and be able to influence their decision making. One way to describe the professors at O'Neill would be they're the best in the industry. This is a program full of people who are pulling down awards in the sciences and the policy area as researchers, as communicators, and as instructors. With the number one environmental policy and management concentration, our program provides graduates with a clear competitive advantage when entering the workforce. The students who leave from the MPA-MSES program have full credentials in both the policy side of the environmental world and the science side. They can walk into mid and even upper level positions and start having an impact on the world almost immediately. You're walking into the real world confident in your abilities and ready to go out and make a difference. If you are the kind of person that has noticed a problem and wants to make change and be the solution for it. I would highly recommend O'Neill because this is where we actually lead for the greater good.

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