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[Lydia Murray, Deloitte]

One of the reasons I come on campus  to recruit O'Neill students is I know the critical thinking skills that they will have. I know the analytics background that they will have. The main thing that we're looking for is talented people who can help us solve problems and O'Neill has that in spades.

[Cardell Johnson, Government Accountability Office]

One of the things I think O'Neill does really  well is it focuses on building skill sets for its students. They can apply different lenses: social, economic, political, scientific lenses to issues and be able to just dive deep and do analysis. And that's why we love hiring O'Neill students and we have over 50 that have come to  work at the government accountability office.

[Ian Nicolini, Pure Development]

This school provides not only the tools of  the trade ,the kind of management skills you're going to need, but it's also  teaching you how to be an effective  

leader. Everywhere you turn around the state house or in these major civic  organizations or in the not-for-profit  sector and increasingly in business you  

have folks that have gone through the O'Neill program that have had a lot of success.

[Jason Noyan, J.P. Morgan Private Bank]

You know I've recruited from both  the Kelley School and the liberal arts school and O'Neill certainly  stands out as being at the top. I just hired an O'Neill alum last year and she's been phenomenal.

[Andrew Recinos, Tessitura Network]

I like hiring from this program  because we know that there's a certain level of rigor that has gone in  to their education and as a fast-moving software company we need folks who  have a great deal of discipline.

[Marlon Webb, Indy Chamber]

We know the value of the O'Neill school. We  know what O'Neill pours into their students and the opportunities that are afforded to their students and we know that the skill sets that they have will land great resources, great assets, great opportunities for our organizations to continue the investment of the work that we do. I've seen and heard other employers say the exact same thing about O'Neill students.

[Michael Jefferson, MISO]

MISO loves O'Neill students and  O'Neill alums because of their versatility. They bring that technical  background that policy understanding and they're immediately able to  apply it when they hit the ground.

[Andrew Recinos, Tessitura Network]

The other thing that it brings is because of the fellowships and the internships and the practicums we know that these students are coming to us  with some practical experience in the field.

[Susan Brooks, Former U.S. Representative]

I saw that time and time again the  interns from the O'Neill school, and I had a lot of them on the  hill with me in Washington D.C., they were usually so good that I hired them to come work as Hill staffers.

[Tehvon Fowler-Chapman, LA Opera Connects]

As a leader who is looking for bright talented  emerging administrators, being able to work with O'Neill students whether it's through internships  or by coming in and speaking with them, it tells me a lot about where they are and  where they want to be and it allows me to  make informed decisions for what kinds of jobs I create for the next generation of administrators.


[Marlon Webb, Indy Chamber]

They're willing to think outside  of the box. They're willing to try to find innovative solutions that not only  benefit the core mission of whatever it is they were working towards but finding  those secondary and tertiary benefits as well. And that is something that you  would only get from an O'Neill student .

[Lydia Murray, Deloitte]

We want people who are not only smart that's  important but they care about making the world a better place when you walk into the O'Neill School you know that that is why people are here.