Expedited Graduate Degree Pathways

Expedite your master’s: Fast-track your degree

Did you know that you can complete both your bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in a shorter amount of time, speeding up your degree completion and unlocking even more career opportunities? Optimize your time to earn your advanced degree—explore which of the following pathways is right for you.  

4+1 pathway options:

A 4 + 1 pathway will seamlessly transition you into master’s degree coursework immediately following the completion of your undergraduate degree.

Explore the propelled pathways offered by the following one-year master’s programs: 

Expedite your degree with our one-year, 36 credit-hour degree program that will prepare you for a career dedicated to transforming sound environmental science and policy into actionable solutions that promote sustainability practices in the public, private, or nonprofit sector. You’ll get management know-how and technical training that will prepare you to meet the growing demand for “green” jobs across the nation—all from the top-ranked school for environmental policy and management. 

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Embark on your journey towards global leadership after your senior year at IU. The MIA degree, offered jointly between the top-ranked O’Neill School and the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, the national leader in language and area studies, will give you the practical skills and in-depth knowledge needed to succeed in internationally oriented careers. Whether you plan to be a future diplomat, business executive, NGO leader, or more, our MIA program will prepare you for a wide array of career opportunities in the global marketplace.

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This rigorous one-year program is offered jointly by two top-ranked schools, the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Kelley School of Business. Delivered in-residence, online, or hybrid, you can tailor the program to the modality that best suits your life. Earn your master’s degree, 14 nationally recognized certifications, and undergo rigorous leadership training in twelve months.  

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Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP)

Our competitive Accelerated Master’s Program allows outstanding O’Neill undergraduate students to earn an undergraduate and master’s degree in less time than it takes to earn each separately. There are a few different pathways that can lead to the AMP—which path you take depends on your undergraduate degree requirements.

If you are interested in the program, you’ll need to meet early and regularly with an undergraduate academic advisor to ensure eligibility, proper planning, and to stay on track. 

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O’Neill + Maurer JD

If you are a high-achieving undergraduate O’Neill student who matriculated with sufficient Advanced Placement or other advanced-standing credits, you may be able to earn your bachelor’s degree from O’Neill and a J.D. from the IU Maurer School of Law in six years, rather than the usual seven. 

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