Activate O'Neill

Activate O'Neill: Activation, experimentation, and transformation

Activate O’Neill is a program for Black, brown, Indigenous, students of color, and international students to foster a sense of belonging, support community well-being, and transform O’Neill to be a more just and equitable place. As a student entering this program, you will have access to specialized programming such as community-building social events, peer and alumni engagement, social and academic support, and career exploration group trips.

Starting in the spring semester of 2022-23 as a pilot program, we hope to identify the needs and interests of BIPOC students in undergraduate and graduate programs to plan for future programming, advocacy, services, and engagement.

About the program

This first class of Activate O’Neill leaders will take part in programming and support tailored to the needs and interests of BIPOC and international students. This program is in the spirit of activation, experimentation, and transformation. We aim to activate students by empowering you to develop affinities and student organizations, take part in career and support resources, and take your O’Neill experience into your own hands. We aim to experiment with programming to figure out how to best celebrate and support you for the upcoming academic year. We aim to transform O’Neil as a whole, making it a more just and equitable place just by virtue of us thriving here.

50 years at O'Neill