Online MPA

As an online student, you'll benefit from the flexibility of our 48-credit-hour program. 

Find the right balance for you

We recommend taking two courses a semester, but you may take more with permission from the faculty director. Summer courses are offered, too. Students in our program are able to juggle their careers, family obligations, and course work.  

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Description of the video:

I am a single mother. I have three children. We spend a lot of time going multiple directions of activities and programming and school. So when I am not living the dream every day through my career, I have a lot of other things going on. O'Neill's Online MPA allows me the flexibility to navigate the program. Having the opportunity to take an in-person class or to do online is really one of the critical components of why I chose O'Neill. I always choose an in-person option if I have the ability to do so. What I realized though, was between my family and my home life and my work life and all of the expectations, I needed a flexibility that having a set class time wouldn't necessarily allow. I have been able to tailor my coursework, which has been very good given that it's been many years since I had been in undergrad. Having the opportunity to choose which classes I thought were going to be the best fit for me at that time and topics of which I already have a strong interest in made this transition back into the learning mode much easier. The instructors I've had have always been wonderful about engaging with me, whether that was through written communication, if that was through a phone call, or the online office hour option. I'm a first-gen college student and the importance of this education to me is just as important as seeing my kids education grow. It's important for them to understand that continuing their education no matter where or what age they are in life is going to continue to add value to who they are and what they bring to their communities and then their careers. This is about knowing and recognizing that we are more than ourselves as individuals and that the work that we do and the impact we have on our communities is actually what is going to change the world.
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