Mandy Brown

Why did you choose the O’Neill Online MPA program?

The O’Neill Online program allowed the most flexibility for my schedule while still ensuring high quality teaching and curriculum. O’Neill is recognized and respected all over the country, and I wanted to challenge myself to be a part of it. I was also drawn to the concept of the O’Neill Online Week because it allows me to interact with online classmates in person in a way that works for my schedule.

How has the flexibility of the online program helped you to balance all of your responsibilities?

I work long hours and travel quite a bit for work, so being able to do homework at night, on the weekends, or in the early morning has allowed me to gain valuable hands-on experience in government work while in school. In my previous graduate program, I was commuting to and from class for more than two hours every day. It is nice to regain that time and be able to use that time on my studies or my work. The flexible schedule also allows me to participate in the program even while in California, living in a different time zone!