Henry Carlson

Why did you choose the O’Neill Online MPA program?

From all the research I did, the O’Neill Online MPA program stood out as one of the top of its kind in the country, and I was certainly drawn to the curriculum’s combination of breadth and depth with the four options for focus areas. What really made the difference for me were O’Neill’s excellent resources available to active-duty military members. This is a school that clearly cares about students like me; O’Neill Online understands the rigors of professional life for all its students, but is especially willing to work with military members to help them succeed despite their potential to deploy in service of our country.

How has the flexibility of the online program helped you to balance all of your responsibilities?

My work days are busy and long as a rule, so I need to balance my time carefully; in all of my classes so far, the work has been spread out evenly, and I’ve had the ability to pace myself to meet weekly deadlines. That means I can conveniently carve time out for my classes, which I really appreciate.