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  • November 11: Iuliia Shybalkina, University of Kentucky: “When Are Property Taxes the Most Hated? When House Prices Drop.”
  • October 28: Catherine Kling, Cornell University: “The Social Cost of Water Pollution”
  • October 21: Melissa Kearney, University of Maryland: “Social Policy, Poverty, and Inequality” and “The Family Gap: How Inequality in Family Structure is Contributing to Class Gaps in Society”
  • September 30: Rosalie Pacula, University of Southern California: “The Impact of Recreational Cannabis Laws on Cannabis Related Health Encounters: Measuring Medical Markets Matters”
  • September 9: Chris Goodman, Northern Illinois University: “What Lies Beneath These Creatures of the State: Understanding the Death of U.S. Local Governments”
  • March 3: Erdal Tekin, American University
  • February 24: Marion Aouad, UC-Irving
  • January 27: Koji Chavez, Indiana University