Major in Management

Use business principles to solve complex issues—in the corporate, government, or nonprofit world

With a major in Management, you’ll graduate with leadership skills that you can take with you inside corporate board rooms, to committee meetings with elected officials, or to budget hearings on behalf of a government agency.

You’ll study many of the same topics as in a business management major but with a special focus on the public and nonprofit arenas. You'll also have opportunities to explore global issues in management by studying abroad in France or Bavaria.

Some of the places our recent grads have landed include: Deloitte, Amazon, Crowe Horwath, Riley Children’s Hospital, Oracle, Allstate, and IU Health.

Alumnus Success Story


Samuel Perlen, BSPA ’19
Human Resources Associate

FedEx Services
Nashville, Tenn.

Description of the video:

AUDIO: Light music.

IMAGE: The Indiana University logo and white text that reads “O’NEILL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS” is shown on a black screen.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: I chose the O'Neill School because of my major. I want to study management to start my own business someday.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: I'm looking at potentially a career in the nonprofit sector. A large foundation for a university or for a hospital. I'm a double major with Management and then Nonprofit Management.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: O'Neill is special because it's a very diverse environment. It's a very great place to learn a whole variety of topics.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: I think the Management major is best described as how to lead people and how to inspire organizations to continue to do better and to continue to serve your community.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: Management in O'Neill gets the people out of the problem, like it deals with the relationships and the people in the business.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: After getting involved with organizations on campus- you know, I'm a big member in the Indiana University Dance Marathon. That led me to the Nonprofit major. I think the O'Neill Nonprofit major takes a look at the fundamentals of nonprofits and how to, you know, better fundraise, how to better, you know, inspire communities, and then also analyzes issues that they're going to be facing in years to come.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: O'Neill had so much variety when it comes to like courses and different majors. I think it was the best choice.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: To me, leading for the greater good is making sacrifices for the betterment of a team, a community, of an organization.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: I think it means to make a bigger impact outside your success. It's about making a positive impact in the world.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: And inspiring the next generation to continue to do better.

AUDIO: Light music.

IMAGE: A black screen it shown. White text reads “O’Neill Management Majors. Management. Human Resource Management. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Public Management and Leadership. Public Financial Management.”

IMAGE: The Indiana University logo and white text that reads “O’NEILL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS” is shown on a black screen.


“One benefit of a management major is the variety of job opportunities it can lead to. Management skills are needed in industries in all three sectors—private, public, nonprofit—including advertising, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, human resources and manufacturing.”

—Cheryl Hughes, Senior Lecturer