Nonprofit Management

Faculty focused on nonprofit management

Experiential learning

Our MPA offers far more than traditional lectures and lessons. You'll also get the benefit of experiential learning – typically through an approved internship. What's more, your concentration's course work will culminate in a project-oriented course—a capstone—that lets you apply the knowledge you gained throughout the program.

You can also join the O’Neill Nonprofit Management Association (NMA), a professional student organization for the nonprofit management concentration that offers networking and current information on events in the nonprofit industry.

Get involved with NMA

Explore career opportunities in public management

O’Neill’s dedicated Career Hub will assist you as you seek an internship or post-graduate employment, and our alumni community is an excellent lead source.

  • Children’s Defense Fund
  • Legal Council for Health Justice
  • Reading Partners
  • HEAF, Inc.
  • Enroll Indy
  • Bozeman Symphony Society
  • The ONE Campaign
  • Indiana University Foundation
  • RecycleForce
  • Federal Election Commission
  • Center for Leadership Development
  • Conner Prairie
  • Tsinghua University