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Mohamed Mohamed, BSPA’17

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Analyst

Eli Lilly


Zackary Jones, BSPA’19


Sehlke Consulting
Washington, D.C.

Program learning goals

Expand each for detailed learning outcomes.

1.1 Interpret financial statements, budgets, and accounting reports

1.2 Understand and critique expert technical reports, analysis, and proposals

1.3 Describe major features of public revenue and expenditure systems

1.4 Identify types of debt and revenue instruments used in financing public affairs

1.5 Understand the underlying financial transactions that make up the financial statements

1.6 Identify legal frameworks affecting financial decision making and policy

2.1 Apply analytical frameworks for evaluating tax and expenditure policy

2.2 Compare policies under alternative decision criteria

2.3 Design a budget to aid in decision-making for programmatic, managerial, or evaluative purposes

2.4 Construct relevant financial indicators using professionally accepted concepts

3.1 Set performance measures and targets for agencies

3.2 Identify managerial options from financial data

3.3 Provide informed recommendations rationalized from widely accepted policy criteria

4.1 Analyze policy from multiple perspectives

4.2 Identify ethical concerns and considerations in financial policy-not assessed

4.3 Adapt to differences in actors in for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors

4.4 Explain the differences and understand why accounting rules are different for for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors

5.1 Engage ethically in successful rhetoric that persuades a broad range of stakeholders from laymen to policy makers and experts of analytical conclusions

5.2 Convey financial information using tables and figures

5.3 Write and present analyses in formats such as advisory memos, position papers, and white papers

5.4 Write and speak clearly, concisely, and accurately with professionally appropriate grammar and spelling