Major in Environmental Management

Study the environment—with a background in policy and law

Bolster your passion for the environment with a background in policy and law. By majoring in Environmental Management, you’ll learn to translate between the hard sciences and the policies and practices that governments, organizations, and businesses implement. Part of the Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs, you’ll be well grounded in environmental science topics while also studying management, risk assessment, environmental law, policy, and government finance. You’ll also have opportunities to witness how natural areas are managed in South Africa, research coral reefs in the Caribbean, or study abroad for a semester in the Netherlands.

Some of the jobs our recent grads have landed include:

  • Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office, Washington, D.C.
  • Community and Economic Development Specialist, Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency, Louisville

Environmental management in action

Learn about an Environmental Management student who works towards sustainable food through IU Corps and the Campus Farm.

Description of the video:

my name is Adam deer Singh I'm a second
year student at IU's studying
environmental management through IU
Corps I work with the farm and garden to
help organize volunteers and lead those
work days well the campus farm really
gives back by embedding itself in part
as part of the community so allowing
students to to come and get their hands
dirty and work within their food system
but also we donate a lot of the food
that we produce to local food banks I
think that that feels really important
because I know that we're not only
producing food for people that need it
the most but we're producing food in a
way that is really ethical and
sustainable and that in the end it's
really healthy so it feels especially
good knowing that we're doing good work
for our community but also good work for
our earth so I think any student that
volunteers through I you Corps at the
campus farm will find that educating
themselves on the food system and
becoming a part of that system is a
really challenging but rewarding
experience and that learning about where
your food comes from and even the food
that students will be eating on IU's
campus can be a great opportunity
Study Environmental Management and Environmental Science at O’Neill

Description of the video:

Study Environmental Management & Environmental Science at the O'Neill School!

AUDIO: Light music.

IMAGE: The Indiana University logo and white text that reads “O’NEILL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS” is shown on a black screen.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: Environmental Management is one of those majors that's very unique to O'Neill, and I gravitated toward this major because I was really interested in environmental advocacy, but I wasn't super interested in the nitty-gritty science aspect of it.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: My major is Environmental Science, and I chose this major because I've always been fascinated with science my entire life. It is a very heavy science major. There is a lot of chemistry, physics, and biology in that.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 3: I'm majoring in Environmental Management, and I chose that because I really like science. I also really like people. So I really wanted something that would combine those two.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 2: As an Environmental Science student, your classes actually have access to the IU Research and Teaching Preserve. And so you get to go out there to a bunch of acres of protected forest with University Lake, which is an old reservoir.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: I would describe Environmental Management as a blend between environmental science and public policy.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 3: So you get that background on how environmental processes like the Greenhouse Effect work, but then you learn how laws and private sector/nonprofit actions interact with those scientific processes.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 1: If you're someone who's interested in helping the environment and doing environmental work, but you're not very interested in doing hard sciences of an Environmental Science degree, then Environmental Management would be a really good option for you.

AUDIO, SPEAKER 3: I just wanted to be involved in these really important environmental issues that we're facing today.

AUDIO: Light music.

IMAGE: The Indiana University logo and white text that reads “O’NEILL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS” is shown on a black screen.