Student Spotlight

Kayla Leversen

Major: Nonprofit Management

“I like to see a purpose in what I’m doing,” said senior Honors student Kayla Leversen. That was the driving force that led her to study nonprofit management and leadership at the O’Neill School.

In high school, Leversen volunteered with a relief organization in New York City that offered tangible help to the city’s homeless, like food assistance and addiction services. That was her first real peek behind the scenes of a nonprofit organization—and she was hooked.

Leversen’s favorite classes at the O’Neill School have been ones that offer hands-on experience, like her fund development course that included the development of an entire 150-page fundraising plan for a local community organization. She also had the opportunity to study abroad in Denmark, where she got a comparative look at the differences between the social and political factors in the U.S. and Denmark that affect the nonprofit sector.

Headshot of Kayla Leversen

I have met some of the best people at O’Neill. Everyone is so passionate about what they do!

— Kayla Leversen