Student Spotlight

Amani Khoury

Major: Environmental Science

As a freshman, Amani Khoury found herself working alongside a professor on the public perception and effectiveness of electric vehicles. In her senior year, she’s putting together a thesis on climate migration patterns and policy recommendations that respond to the projected increase in refugees that result from climate change.

In the four years since she joined the O’Neill School, Khoury has learned to put her passion for law and the environment to good use. A standout student in her first year, Khoury was offered the chance to join the O’Neill Honors Program, an opportunity she looks back on with great appreciation.

Headshot of Amani Khoury

The O’Neill School and the Honors Program have given me so many opportunities. The scholarships and extra guidance the school has provided have made all the difference.

— Amani Khoury of Indianapolis