Student Spotlight

Evann Englert

Major: Policy Analysis

Evann Englert’s advice to any new IU student? “Don’t waste a day on campus.” 

He hasn’t wasted a day himself. Englert is an O’Neill Honors student studying Policy Analysis who has already interned on both a Medicare campaign and a congressional campaign.

For his Honors thesis, Englert plans to dive into the local effects of universal healthcare. “In one of my healthcare policy classes, I became interested in moral hazard. How do people respond to universal healthcare? Are they more likely to get involved in risky behavior?” 

Being part of the Honors Program and creating a thesis will help him develop valuable skills that are useful for his studies in the present—and also to employers in the future.


There’s always so much that is going on that all come together to make this incredible thing that is Indiana University.

— Evann Englert