Online Presence

O’Neill website, online policies, and procedures

The O’Neill website is our school’s main marketing tool targeted to our primary audience: prospective students. Testing and stakeholders show that this audience is primarily interested in program information, costs, what O’Neill offers them, and how they will be successful after college.

Update information on the O'Neill website

Send updates to your directory profile to the Office of Marketing and Communication's (OMC's)  web content specialist. To update your CV, send your updated pdf or word doc as an attachment to

For all other updates to the main O'Neill website, send the page link and details to OMC's web content specialist.

For larger projects, new site sections, and reorganizations, contact OMC with an overview of your idea. We will follow up to see how we can assist.

Get your own IU website

Review IU's detailed approval process. If you believe your site meets IU's criteria, you can apply for approval. We can help!

If space is granted, your website will be yours to create, update, and maintain—but we are here to help get you started, provide training, and offer troubleshooting along the way. 

Share your passwords

Whether you have an IU website, blog, social media, or other online O'Neill-related resource, be sure to share any changes in passwords or ownership with O’Neill IT so continuity of service is maintained.

Share your sensitive information with O'Neill IT in person, not via email. 

Other online options

If you were not granted IU web space, or just seek a different method to get your information out there—you have options! IU provides alternative suggestions, or see more information below:

IU offers a free, simple Word Press option at This provides IU branding and limited support through IU.

The O’Neill School does not typically offer support or pay for outside services or sites. If you seek a website, app, or other online resource outside of IU, please first consult with the Office of Contract and Financial Administration regarding payment. You will be responsible for following IU’s policies regarding outside sites.

  • Outside sites must make clear within the site—often in the footer—who is responsible for the site and its content.
  • Outside sites should be converted to .info domains or hosted at an edu domain.You will be responsible for this outside service, the data that may be stored there, and the updating and transition of these sites.
  • The site must not have IU/O’Neill branding unless otherwise negotiated, although you may link back to O’Neill if your project/team is associated with the school in some way.
  • Remember that certain types of data (anything not public from the Classifications of Institutional Data list) do NOT belong outside IU sources or sanctioned services.

Before developing your own social media channel, contact the OMC director to see if your needs might be served by an existing O’Neill channel.