MPA Energy

Economics and policy for a brighter tomorrow

O’Neill’s Energy MPA concentration will put you in a position to help meet critical energy challenges. Core courses in energy economics and policy, and in energy systems, will support advanced courses in energy policy, climate policy, energy law, human behavior and energy consumption and broader courses in environmental policy and sustainable development. You’ll also choose related science courses such as renewable energy, air pollution, and climate change and its impacts. These will allow you to craft science-based laws and policies that respond to the realities of today’s energy landscape.

Your energy training will prepare you to develop sound energy analyses and policies for agencies, think tanks, non-profits and industry. You will be prepared to participate in problem-solving at national and international levels, or in the fast-growing and often innovative environment of state and municipal organizations.

How to apply

Hannah Hunt, MPA'14

Senior Analyst
American Wind Energy Associations
Washington, D.C.

“This concentration inspired me to pursue renewable energy as a profession. The faculty is incredibly knowledgeable and focused on preparing their students for a career in the energy sector.”