MAAA elective options let you tailor your curriculum to your goals

As part of the Master of Arts in Arts Administration (MAAA) program, you will complete nine hours of elective credits. Elective courses must be graduate level (500+) and can be taken through any academic program on campus. Elective course offerings vary each semester, so be sure to view the current schedule of classes at the Office of the Registrar.

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Suggested Elective Courses

You’ll enroll in elective courses across the Indiana University campus. From curating to human resources, stage management to graphic design, IU offers students a variety of elective course options. Many Arts Administration students take electives in Arts Administration, at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the School of Fine Arts, the Jacobs School of Music, and the Media School.

  • AADM–Y 500 Curating in Galleries and Museums
  • AADM–Y 500 Cultural Districts and Local Arts Policy
  • AADM–Y 500 The Arts and Social Change
  • AADM–Y 505 Programming in the Performing Arts
  • AADM–Y 522 IT Applications for Arts Managers
  • AADM–Y 559 Public Policy and the Arts

  • FINA–A 540 Topics in Modern Art
  • FINA–A 580 Topics in Art History
  • FINA–A 590 Museum Studies
  • FINA–A 615 Problems in Greek Painting
  • FINA–A 624 Problems in Early Gothic Art
  • FINA–A 643 Problems in American Art
  • FINA–A 650 Problems in African Art
  • FINA–S 552 Graphic Design for Graduate Non-Majors

  • JOUR–J 510 Media and Society Seminar
  • JOUR–J 530 Issues in New Communication Technology
  • JOUR–J 552 Reporting the Arts
  • JOUR–J 563 Computerized Publication Design
  • JOUR–J 614 Globalization, Media and Social Change
  • TEL–T 576 New Media Production
  • TEL–T 577 New Media Design
  • TEL–T 522 Managing the Creative Process

  • SPEA–N 521 The Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector
  • SPEA–N 522 HR Management in Nonprofits
  • SPEA–N 523 Civil Society and Public Policy
  • SPEA–P 541 Cost Benefit Analysis
  • SPEA–M 547 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  • SPEA–N 557 Proposal Development and Grant Admin
  • SPEA–M 561 Public Human Resources Management
  • SPEA–P 562 Public Program Evaluation
  • SPEA–M 569 Managing Interpersonal Relations
  • SPEA–I 611 Design of Information Systems

  • MUS–J 700 Ballet Graduate Elective
  • MUS–M 502 Composers
  • MUS–M 510 Topics in Music Literature
  • MUS–M 525 Survey of Operatic Literature
  • MUS–M 527 Symphonic Literature
  • MUS–M 561 History & Literature of Opera I
  • MUS–M 562 History & Literature of Opera II
  • MUS–M 563 History & Literature of Opera III
  • MUS–M 564 History and Literature of Opera IV
  • MUS–M 652 Renaissance Music
  • MUS–M 653 Baroque Music
  • MUS–R 571 Opera Workshop
  • MUS–Z 710 Non-Music Major Performance Elective

Turn your electives into a second degree

Take MPA courses as elective credits and begin working toward your dual MPA/MAAA degree.

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