Atmospheric Chemistry

We focus on improving our understanding of the composition and chemistry of the atmosphere and the impact of human activities and pollution on the atmosphere. Current research topics include:

  • The chemistry of photochemical smog
  • The interactions between the biosphere and the atmosphere
  • Chemical reactions on environmental surfaces
  • The fate of persistent organic pollutants in the atmosphere

Faculty Members

Ronald Hites
Distinguished Professor
(812) 855-9038

  • Applying organic analytical chemistry techniques to the analysis of trace levels of toxic pollutants, such as polybrominated flame retardants and polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides, with a focus on understanding the behavior of these compounds in the atmosphere and in the Great Lakes

Jonathan D. Raff
Associate Professor
(812) 855-6525

  • Applying interdisciplinary approaches to understand how thermal and photochemical reactions on surfaces affect the fate of pollutants in the environment and impact global climate

Philip S. Stevens
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
(812) 856-0863
SPEA 300

  • Characterization of the chemical mechanisms in the atmosphere that influence regional air quality and global climate change