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Experience all that O’Neill has to offer at Virtual Preview Day

Join us for two days covering academics, enrichment opportunities, individual degree programs, and the student experience at O’Neill. Ask questions, meet other O’Neill students, talk to an academic advisor and get a feeling for your future at the O’Neill School. We can't wait to meet you!

Discover what makes the O’Neill School Special

Students talk about their O’Neill and IU experience.

Description of the video:

I chose O’Neill because I’ve always been

really passionate about

advocacy and helping leave the planet a

little bit better than

I found it I chose to come to IU because

I knew I wanted

that Big Ten school feel but O’Neill

cuts it down

into small classroom sizes a small

community of about two thousand students

and I think that's something I’m really

appreciative of

I think that there's a sense of

community within O’Neill

the community is just so open I just had

like this overwhelming feeling of home

and I knew that this was where I was

meant to be it is great that in every

single class I meet

so many people from so many different

places O’Neill is really special because

of the people here

everybody has a lot of passion you go to

all of your classes and you're sitting

next to these people that are just so

passionate about different things and

they just kind of push you to be a

better person

no matter what students are studying

here at O’Neill you can just tell that

they all want to make a difference I

really saw that O’Neill focused on that


of working with people that are in the

private sector the public sector and the


it's a very diverse environment

since it has so many different majors

they have majors that are truly

focused on sort of helping people what

makes O’Neill special

is the support that they give to their

students all the professors that I’ve

gotten to work with have been so

influential they go above and beyond to

provide the students with the resources

they need

they are all so helpful and they want

you to have the best

opportunities and experience that you

can have I’ve had many different staff

members who I could just come to if I

need help

everyone here wants you to succeed and

they're going to figure out how you want

to lead

and find a specific program or a

different mix of organizations and

opportunities for you to get involved in

O’Neill had everything that I wanted

like study abroad doing a full-time

internship in D.C. firm

semester in the civic leaders center not


do students here want to change the

world and make that make a difference

but the school actually teaches you how

to do that

in like a practical way after being in


I’ve discovered new passions and I’m

thankful for that

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Virtual Preview Day Schedule

Day One: Academics

Day one (March 8) will focus on academics at O’Neill, providing an overview of O’Neill’s academic enrichment opportunities as well as breakout sessions for individual degree programs.

O’Neill School Dean Siân Mooney will welcome and congratulate all admitted students with an interest in the O’Neill School. There will be remarks by a current student as well as a general overview of the Virtual Preview Day schedule.

These will provide an opportunity for admitted students to breakout into groups based on their chosen major area—Public Affairs, Environment, Management, Healthcare Management, or Arts Management. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the faculty representative for your area of study and learn about how their program is structured.

Whether they are working for the Federal Government, the Environmental Protection Agency, or a national nonprofit organization, O’Neill alumni are making an impact across the globe. Hear about their experiences and ask questions about their individual career paths.

This session provides an overview of the opportunities available at O’Neill for high-achieving students.

Day Two: Student Experience

Day two (March 9) will focus on the student experience at the O’Neill School, with opportunities to learn about O’Neill International, the Career Hub, the Undergraduate Programs Office, and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. You’ll also hear from current students about their experiences during their time at O’Neill.

The O’Neill School is comprised of multiple program offices that can provide amazing opportunities to you throughout your academic career. Hear from staff of the Civic Leaders Center, O’Neill International, the Career Hub, the Undergraduate Programs Office, and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

There are so many ways to get involved at O’Neill!  From traveling to Athens, Greece with the Civic Leaders Center to spending a semester completing a full-time internship in Washington, D.C. — you’ll hear from current students about their experiences at the O’Neill School.

O’Neill is a community of supportive faculty and staff and exceptional students who are driven to make a difference. We will close out our event with remarks by Associate Dean for Educational Programs R.J. Woodring.  

Stick around to meet other admitted O’Neill students and ask any remaining questions you may have. For Pre-O’Neill students, this session will provide an opportunity for you to meet one of O’Neill’s academic advisors and learn about your next steps toward becoming an O’Neill student.

O’Neill Undergraduate Admissions

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