Jamie Kephart

Tell us a little about your current position.

I currently work for Barilla America as a Customer Marketing Professional.  In my current capacity, I work with the sales and finance team as a sales analyst, as well as volunteer my time to an employee-led resource group (ERG) called Balance.  As co-chair of Balance, I work to implement social issue awareness by discussing gender inequality issues in the work place and brainstorming ways to foster a sense of community and inclusion in our company.  Recently in October, I spearheaded an event at Barilla which discussed the impact of domestic violence on historically oppressed groups. 

Why did you choose the SPEA Connect MPA program?

What originally drew me to IU was its #1 ranking in my area of concentration and the flexibility of the nonprofit program through SPEA Connect.  Throughout the admissions process, all my interactions with the school were positive, professional, and informative. 

One of the determining factors for me in selecting IU is that they offer a diverse list of elective courses that make up the bulk of the program and allow me to shape my MPA program to fit my needs.  In addition to being able to mold my education to best fit my career objectives, IU SPEA has an excellent reputation and an array of faculty experts in this area.  I felt that IU would be the best fit for me based on my goals and how the program would help me shape them.  Having a school that has a great balance of professors from the academic and professional environments will help me grow in my career.

50 years at O'Neill