Master of Science in Healthcare Management (MSHM)

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We worked with over 50 healthcare leaders from across the industry to identify the skills our graduates need, then we built our curriculum around these skills. Our MS in Healthcare Management curriculum includes opportunities for leadership experience and certifications, and maintains a focus on wellness.

Over 60% of O’Neill master’s students receive funding.

Competitive funding packages are available to assist in making our top-ranked school affordable. If you apply by the priority deadline, you will automatically be considered for fellowship funding.

All students who participate in the optional MSHM practicum experience will receive additional funding support through the Service Corps Fellows Program. 

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This program is offered jointly by the O’Neill School and the Kelley School of Business, both with top-ranked master’s programs and world-renowned faculty.

Find out what it means to be a transformational healthcare leader

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The MSHM  program did such a good job of showing me who I am as a leader so I can better lead others. In a year's time I was able to really grasp what it means to be a transformational healthcare leader and really hit the six healthcare competencies that I needed to walk out of this program and really thrive within the healthcare industry. When I was designing the curriculum I met with 50 healthcare executives from across the nation. We wanted to make sure that in a one-year intensive degree program that doesn't require any background knowledge in business or in healthcare that we were building in all of the skills that a leader would need to be able to excel stepping into their new job upon graduation on day one. The flexibility that the MSHM program offers was a big factor for me living outside of Bloomington. I wanted a program that I could really be flexible with and be able to attend whether online or in-residence. MSHM students have both the Kelley school and the O'Neill school on their diploma. When you put these two together you get the best of both worlds and support from two top ranked schools. You get to learn the business side of healthcare. You get to learn about the policy of healthcare. These are top-notch professors that you are working with and learning from. They just have all this worldly experience and they can really teach to what's going on and apply that to what we're learning in class. That kind of level of experience is just unparalleled anywhere else. Transformational learning really requires deep personal experience and so we created this idea of a practicum in which students are given the opportunity to step into a healthcare leadership role while receiving intensive coaching from a preceptor or a mentor. My practicum experience was with the Infection Prevention Department at IU Health. My boss saw that I ran into the fire with her team and she said Cat you know what anybody who can do that is so more than deserving of a full-time position. We've created an environment where we're holistically taking care of the needs of the students and students are building their skill set to be able to lead projects in a healthcare environment. I just believe that every part of the program made me who I am as a leader today. It checked all the boxes. It had the right culture and has really helped me start to affect change in my career right now. IU's master program needs to be at the top of your list. This is next level education right here so think no further this is where you want to be.


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