Get prepared to change the world in just one year

Whether you’re a future diplomat, business executive, NGO leader or more, our Master of International Affairs (MIA) program will prepare you for a wide array of career opportunities in the global marketplace.

This program is a joint effort between the world-renowned O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, the national leader in language and area studies. Combined, these two schools give you the practical skills and in-depth knowledge to succeed in internationally oriented careers.

Over 60% of O’Neill master’s students receive funding.

Competitive funding packages are available to assist in making our top-ranked school affordable. If you apply by the priority deadline, you will automatically be considered for fellowship funding.

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Hear from MIA program leadership and students about why the MIA program was the perfect fit for them and how it helped launch their careers in exciting ways. 

Description of the video:

In order to affect change in the world, you first need to try and understand the world. And so a Master of International Affairs will do exactly that. 

The MIA program is designed to bring the world class education of public affairs and public administration from the O'Neill School, together with the excellent foreign language and international and area studies instruction from the Hamilton Lugar School. 

The joint program, it was perfect for me because it has like the best from both schools. You can have access to the faculty of both the schools but also to the resources. 

O'Neill and HLS have both given me opportunities to meet with dignitaries like Senator Evan Bayh, met multiple ambassadors, secretary generals. And as a student they gave us opportunities to have lunch with them and have meetings with them. Unbridled access that I didn't think I would get here in the Midwest. 

We're one of the first of its kind at a public research university where we offer a broader array of courses and faculty, but also at an affordable cost without giving up that connection to great careers or great opportunities abroad. 

The skills that I learned at IU that prepared me well for the Foreign Service was the concrete skills of economics and budgeting, statistics, social science research. Having the deep background both on the international relations, as well as the public affairs side is really critical, because the problems of today's world are really complex and you need to be able to understand them from lots of different perspectives. 

We really have faculty they're at the forefront of their fields. People who are academically oriented, who publish in the top journals in the world, but also people who are practitioners, who advise organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, that provide you those connections to the outside world in a very practical way. 

My relations with professors, their support really helped me a lot. I approached them for career guidance, for supporting me with my research, and creating some meaningful relationships that will be beneficial for my future. 

IU was definitely my best option they have given me many tools. All the learning is not just in the books and in the classes, but also the opportunity to take this into a professional level, as all the internships that we have access to. 

All the people who graduate with this Master of International Affairs are going to be little seeds we're planting out there to put that knowledge to use to help our state, our country, and eventually the world. So it's not just an academic perspective, it's actually a practitioner perspective.

Be prepared to take on many important career roles in global affairs

  • Governments at the national level within development agencies, ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of defense, intelligence agencies, environmental agencies, and international trade offices as well as globally oriented departments at the state and local levels.
  • Multilateral organizations with global mandates as well as regionally focused institutions.
  • Nongovernmental organizations and domestic nonprofits involved in advocacy, research, education, social enterprise, impact investing, grant-making, and field work.
  • Private sector organizations in consulting, energy, environment, technology, media, financial services, healthcare, and many more.

The MIA Program


36credit hours



The MIA degree will prepare you to make a lasting impact on international affairs and contribute to the greater good of our global community. Our curriculum blends the best of advanced quantitative analysis and qualitative learning by offering students pathways through three multidisciplinary concentrations:

  1. Security, Diplomacy, and Governance
  2. Finance and Trade
  3. Global Development, Environment, and Sustainability

The combination of a rigorous core, concentration diversity, and flexibility to tailor your elective courses from a broad set of courses at the O’Neill School, Hamilton Lugar School, and within the College of Arts and Sciences, makes the program an attractive option for anyone considering a career in international affairs. 


Pair your MIA with the #1-ranked Master of Public Affairs

Expand career possibilities with the Master of International Affairs-Master of Public Affairs dual degree. On top of a thorough understanding and practice of international affairs, you'll develop a robust skillset in public affairs and policy analysis, preparing you for a diverse array of international nongovernmental organizations, multilateral organizations, and global businesses.