Why O’Neill?

Learn to lead from those leading the way

In each major, you’ll be able to learn from some of the country’s top researchers and experienced professionals who remain active in their fields.

Learn about law and public policy from practicing attorneys. Arts management with internationally recognized jazz musicians. Environmental science alongside research scientists in the field. Or, healthcare management and policy with hospital CEOs.

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Get a mentor through the Mentor Collective

Be a part of the Mentor Collective and get matches with an O’Neill upperclassman or alum based on your common interests and professional aspirations.

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And picture your future

Get a head start on a meaningful career with your O’Neill degree, with the versatility to change career paths to adapt to your changing interests, and the changing economy.

Our students go on to careers in public service, the business world, and nonprofit management—often seamlessly transitioning among all three.

You’ll find O’Neill alumni working for the federal government, national performing arts companies, international aid organizations, and for major management and consulting firms. And, our more than 36,000 alumni stay involved, mentoring our current generation—you.

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