SPEA Graduate Exchange: National Institute of Development Administration

Spend a semester studying in Thailand while earning course credit toward your SPEA graduate degree

SPEA has partnered with the International College of the National Institute of Development Administration (ICO-NIDA) in Bangkok, Thailand, to offer a semester long exchange program to SPEA MPA students. As a SPEA MPA, you will have the opportunity to study public administration management and develop policy expertise from a United States, Thai, and global perspective.

Learn more about SPEA's graduate exchange with ICO-NIDA

You should work with your SPEA concentration advisor to determine which semester will be best for you to study at ICO-NIDA. Please use the time frames below to help in planning your semester abroad.

Fall Trimester: September - December

Spring Trimester: January - April

Summer Trimester: May - August

All ICO-NIDA courses are modules of 3-4 weeks, allowing you to focus on one course at a time. During each module period, ICO-NIDA offers multiple courses taught in English. You should prepare to take 12 credits worth of classes during your trimester abroad (four courses, which equates to one course per module period).

See the sample schedule of course offerings below. Please note that this is a list of course offerings from previous semesters, all courses are subject to change for upcoming trimesters.


September (Pick one course)

MM 7204 Multinational Corporate Finance

MM 7504 Virtual Organization Management

October (Pick one course)

MM 7309 Consumser Relationship Management

MM 7201 Financial Management

November (Pick one course)

MM 7503 Business Innovation

MM 7102 Communication and Negotiation across Culture

December (Pick one course)

MM 7905 Project Planning and Management

MM 8100 Special Topic in Management


January (Pick one course)

MM 6000 Management Theory and Practices

MM 8100 Creative Thinking and Story Telling

February (Pick one course)

MM 7103 Managing Global Business

MM 7113 Public Policy, Advocacy, Social Change, and Philanthropy

March (Pick one course)

MM 6005 Governance, Ethics, Sustainable Development

MM 6004 Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural Forces

April (Pick one course)

MM 7902 Policy Analysis

MM 7116 Non Profit Marketing

This program is open to SPEA graduate students at IU Bloomington. The program is only open to MPA students. To apply, you must be in good academic standing and must have completed at least one semester of graduate study at SPEA.

You will have a variety of options for living provided by ICO-NIDA both on campus and off campus. Bangkok is the metropolitan capital city of Thailand. It has a population of 10 million, and continues to shape Thailand’s history while being a place of cultural wealth and modernization.

For this semester exchange program, you will pay tuition at Indiana University (no tuition will be paid to ICO-NIDA). You will also be responsible for covering your own overseas expenses including airfare, food, and housing.

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