O’Neill Expo

Student Research Projects

Ashby, Eric
Music in Mindfulness: Mindfulness in Music
Faculty Advisor: Monika Herzig

Baumann, Leah
Impact of Cover Crops and Microbial Communities on Dissolved Silica in Soil
Faculty Advisor: Todd Royer

Boyett, Rachel
Women and Islam: A History, Study, and Analysis of Women's Rights in Indonesia and Egypt
Faculty Advisor: Sean Nicholson-Crotty

Brown, Alexander
Technology and Tension: The Roberts Court and the Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age
Faculty Advisor: Beth Cate

Daellenbach, Isabelle
Planting the Seeds of Community: How Organizational Structure of Community Gardens Influences Their Utilization
Faculty Advisor: Landon Yoder

Diersing, Adam
Industry Bias in State Level Hydraulic Fracturing Rulemaking: The Colorado Case Study
Faculty Advisor: David Konisky

Drefcinski, Skylar
The Panopticon of Police Surveillance: The Model Role of Body Worn Cameras
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Rabovsky

Fisk, Rachael
Dance Integration and Implementation in Public Schools
Faculty Advisor: Ursula Kuhar

Garcia, Madeline
The Relationships Between Age and Party Affiliation With Opinions on Public Spending
Faculty Advisor: Denvil Duncan

Heiney, Madison
The Effect of Information Framing on College Students' Attitudes
Faculty Advisor: Amanda Rutherford

Howell, Madison
Social Vulnerability and Community Resilience in the Face of Climate Change: Sea-Level Rise in Coastal Counties, South Carolina
Faculty Advisor: Diane Henshel

Huang, Ariel
An Exploration of the Effects of Company Culture on Performance Management Methodology
Faculty Advisor: Betsy Larson

Hussain, Asra
Analyzing the Impact of Insurance Coverage on Racial Health Disparities
Faculty Advisor: Seth Freedman

Knight, Riley
The Emerging Cannabis Lobby: A Study of Arguments Through Public Comments
Faculty Advisor: Jill Nicholson-Crotty

Lincourt, Victoria
Anti-Wind Power Rhetoric and the Communication of Environmental Conflicts in Central Indiana Communities
Faculty Advisor: Brian DeLong

Mailman, Emily
Recess within the Defining Decade
Faculty Advisor: Mark Kruzan

Mount, Kaleb
The Indiana Property Tax Caps and Their Effect on Local Government Spending
Faculty Advisor: Justin Ross

Neal, Madelyn
Open-Planned Layouts' Effect on Employee Satisfaction
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Grundmann

Parr, Josiah
Free Speech on College Campuses
Faculty Advisor: John Gregg

Powers, Skylar
The Effect of Bureaucratic Interactions on Perceptions of the Legal System
Faculty Advisor: Cheryl Hughes

Richardson, Alexandra
Sustainable Development Under the UNFCCC: Negotiations on the Right to Develop
Faculty Advisor: James Barnes

Riggs, Anna
Educate, Agitate, Organize: The Path to Revitalizing the Labor Movement in Indiana
Faculty Advisor: Sean Nicholson-Crotty

Smythe, Fiona
Adjudicating Campus Sexual Assault: The Full Impact of Cross-Examination
Faculty Advisor: Jill Nicholson-Crotty

Zheng, Wen
State Politics and the Immigration Court: The impact of state politics on the outcome of asylum proceedings
Faculty Advisor: Alexander Alexeev

Renewable Energy Policy Recommendations for the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, A Scenario Evaluation Approach
Faculty Advisor: John Rupp

Downtown Bloomington, Inc. - Retail Space Vacancy and Vitality
Faculty Advisor: Mark Levin

A Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Roadmap for Kroger Stores Around the Nation
Faculty Advisor: Beth Cate


Watch the student presentations

The O’Neill Expo, and its predecessor The Wider World Conference, historically included a daylong conference of student presentations, a recognition ceremony, and networking opportunities. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 O’Neill Expo is entirely online. 

We hope you will explore the collection of student presentations and join the O’Neill Virtual Expo Canvas page to watch pre-recorded presentations.