Strategic Planning

Why strategic planning? Why now?

A note from Dean Mooney

We began our strategic planning in the fall of 2020 with the help of an outside consultant, AKA|Strategy. Although we all have a lot going on, this is the time when it’s vitally important to define our priorities for the future. Higher education is in transition and many schools are looking for new opportunities and new ways to bring relevance to their work. Strategic planning will give us the opportunity to be deliberate in our own thinking about new opportunities and if necessary a re-imagining of our operations.  A new strategic plan will help us to prioritize investments so we emerge from this pandemic with purpose and forward momentum—as a thought leader and not a follower—leading from a position of strength.

Remember that a strategic plan is a living document—if there are unforeseen external or internal forces that significantly change the landscape in which we operate, we have the opportunity to revisit and adjust our approach or goals.

Why use a consulting firm?

  1. Frees intellect: It allows all of us to focus on ideas, rather than running the process. 
  2. Brings new perspective: An experienced third party has been involved in many plans and I hope they will help to push us as well as guide us.
  3. Time: Colleagues that ran aspects of the last plan strongly recommended using a consultant when they remembered the commitment of time and organization that was needed for the last plan. We are all feeling stretched at this time and this arrangement will help to alleviate stress.

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If you have any additional comments you’d like to share with the consultants, please email one of the co-chairs, a member of the committee, or the consultants directly.

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