Water Management

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The concentration is unique in that it allows students to obtain a MPA-MSES concentration specializing in the crucial field of water resources management. In addition to your competencies, you will take three classes (10 credit hours) required of Water Management students. You’ll then choose five elective classes from two different areas; Water Science Electives (Physical Science and Ecology & Management) and Policy & Administration Electives.

Water Management Requirements (10 credit hours)
  • Limnology, 4 credits (E 556)
  • Water Law (R 531) —OR— Water Policy and Economics (V 550)
  • One Physical Science class listed below

Water Science Electives (6 – 9 credit hours)

Physical Science Courses
  • Water Quality Modeling (E 502)
  • Aquatic Chemistry (E 539)
  • Groundwater Flow Modeling (E 555)
  • Fluvial Process and Sediment Transport (GEOL-G 690)*
Ecology & Management Courses
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Management (E 460)
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Management Lab (E 461)
  • Wetlands Ecology and Management (E 540)
  • Lake and Watershed Management (E 545)
  • Stream Ecology (E 546)
  • BMP Design for Healthy Urban Watersheds (E 555)

Policy & Administration Electives (6 – 9 credit hours)

  • Benefit-Cost Analysis (P 541)
  • Water Law (R 531)
  • Environmental Economics and Policy (R 625)
  • Natural Resources Management and Policy (R 643)
  • Environmental Law (R 645)
  • Water Policy and Economics (V 550)
  • Human Behavior and Energy Consumption (X 511/E 501)
  • Water and Society (GEOG-G 553)*

You must work with an adviser when taking courses outside of SPEA.

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You can join the O’Neill Environmental Management & Sustainable Development Association, one of many professional student organizations that offer networking and current information on events in the industry.

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